Maison Darlington



La maison Darlington has been around for quite a long time… To be exact, it is more than 200 years old. The house on Buade Street was built in 1775 and was owned by Mr. Calhoum. At that time, it was housing a shop specialized in military garbs whose major client was the British army.

In 1852, a descendant of the Calhoum family brought over from England a specialized tailor named John Darlington. On Feburary 1st 1872, this man bought the house and named it “John Darlington Registered”. During the next years, thanks to the renowned quality of his work and the fineness of the British imported woolens he was using, his business grew and became more and more diversified.

John Darlington died in 1905, at the age of 86 and his son William John Darlington inherited the house. As soon as 1912, William undertook major renovation works and took the opportunity to give the house a brand new vocation. From then on, it would specialize in Scottish imported woolens. When he died in 1945, the business came into the hand of his two sisters, Alice and Évelyne, and then passed on to his widow, Isa Drown, in 1949. She resumed her husband’s business until 1961 with the help of her associate, George Leslie Kennedy.

The business stayed in the Darlington family for nearly a century. However, it was sold in 1972, then again in 1978 and 1989. In 1987, the current owner bought the neighboring house La Bijouterie Routier, in order to enlarge the store and to offer his customers a wider range of fine imported products.

It is within this tradition of quality and good taste that we are proud today to continue to respond to the highest demands of our customers. La Maison Darlington has, more than ever, the desire to satisfy you and it is delighted to have you today as one of its faithful clients.

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